About me and the blog

Hi! This is a short intro of what this blog is about and why I am writing it.

My personal experience made me realise how little resources and support is out there for blockchain developers. The struggle is real!!

To introduce myself, I am a recent graduate from Computer Science and in my last last year in Uni I chose to do a dissertation on blockchain. My Project was called “Smart Contracts Lending” and it consisted of developing an Ethereum based decentralised application (Dapp) for lending and borrowing in around 250 tokens.

Going into this, I knew I would face struggles in finding guidance, but only at the end I realised that it shouldn’t be like that.

Why are other CS domains packed with courses, forums and gurus and ours is basically a jungle?

Why am I doing this?

  • To make the journey of beginners a tiny bit easier
  • To document my own journey through this ‘jungle’ of blockchain development
  • To motivate others to help their peers

I think we all know this domain is still in its infancy but everything has a beginning.

Big disclaimer

The things you will find on this blog are not coming from an expert. They are things that worked for me and that make sense to me, but remember, I am a beginner!

Please, if you have any suggestions or corrections to make, leave them in the comments. They are more than welcomed