Part 1: Solana Fundamentals

Why do so few people know how it actually works? Let’s explore the Solana fundamentals and unveil the mechanisms behind its notorious speed.

Call functions simultaneously – Same block data querying

How can we ensure our data is synchronized? To obtain data from contracts, we often make one Ethereum call after another. But this will not guaranteed that all your data is coming from the same block. But then, how do we call multiple functions simultaneously?

Data Location in Solidity Explained

This will explain how to use storage, memory and calldata. Find out what the hidden facts are and how to master data locations in Solidity.

How to test Smart Contracts on the Mainnet (Ganache)

The end goal of an Ethereum project is to end up on the Mainnet, right? But we need a way to see how it would behave in that crazy jungle BEFORE deploying it. Let’s learn how to test our smart contracts on the Mainnet.

When to use call() for Solidity functions (Truffle)

Stop getting confused about when to use .call() and when not. Sometimes this suffix is required when calling functions, sometimes it is optional. When using Truffle, you might notice that there is a difference between calling your contract’s functions by adding and omitting the suffix .call().  This post will go through some of the various…

How to work with Truffle and Ganache

This post will teach you how to work with Truffle and Ganache. It is a simple guide on how to start mastering these two very useful tools. In this tutorial, for demonstration purposes, we will work on a simple Hello World smart contract. Following each step will help you understand how to start developing and…

Set up your first Decentralised Application

This post will guide you through the initial steps in building your first decentralised application (Dapp) using Smart Contracts. I chose the Ethereum network and the Solidity programming language as they are the most widely used and they already have a few great tools that support the development process. Nonetheless, the most basic option for…